One Step Closer to the Prey…

As everyone knows, I had a job interview this last week at Virginia Union University. It was an adventure for so many reasons…

To begin with, I had to buy grown-up clothes. As I may have mentioned before, I had not gone clothes shopping in almost three years (!) because I’d basically been a poor student or worked from home for peanuts or otherwise couldn’t afford new things. So, I hit what had become for me during this fashion dry spell the height of haute couture – Target. Well, it’s not like I was going to meet the queen, right? Anyway, I grabbed a new dress, a jacket and some shoes and was all set. Well, it actually wasn’t really that easy since the only decent dress I could find was black and I spent more than an hour (which included two panicked phone calls to my sister) trying to find something to lighten up the funereal ensemble. Again, not easy. Apparently, no one wears decent clothes to work anymore. If various clothing stores are anything to judge by, most people wear hot pink halter tops and stripper heels to work. If not that, then they wear maternity clothes or black dresses, black jackets and black shoes.

Well, anyway, I got the clothing situation figured out and happily headed home through the rain to knit, drink wine and watch bad television.

The following day began with my husband letting me sleep in an hour, which was nice. My interview wasn’t until 11 AM so I leisurely got ready, played with the cat, checked out the status of my current Facebook debate and finally got dressed, put on my makeup and did my hair. I was out the door at 10:15AM, as I wanted to make sure I found parking and had time to scope the place out. When I got there, I slipped unobtrusively into the museum to check out one prospective “work area”. Let me tell you, people, it was AWESOME! I had no idea that the university had such a great collection of African art! I was eyeing the giant Mancala board when I realized that I’d best check in at five minutes to 11.

I was told to head upstairs and at the top of the staircase was introduced to Dr. Dolores Pretlow who is an easy-going, friendly person and who is also the director of the library. I was taken into the interview room where I was introduced to four more people (the archivist, the library administrative assistant, the theological librarian and the museum curator and head). It turns out that I had met the archivist at a previous conference and I’m hoping that’s a good thing…!

Mostly I think the interview went well. I was given the questions about five minutes in advance (nice!) and jotted down a few notes for myself. I felt like I answered very clearly and with confidence but it is always difficult to tell since some of the questions were vague enough as to be almost difficult to understand…kinda like most interview questions! The only area in which I’m kicking myself is in the wrap-up department. Now, here’s my rule. I usually like to make up questions to ask during the, “Do you have any questions?” section but, honestly, the interview and even the job posting were so specific and detailed that I HONESTLY couldn’t think of anything to say so I just let that go…sigh. Ugh. I hope I didn’t look like a moron. Of course afterwards I am thinking…why didn’t I just give an overview of the duties that would be expected of me and ask to make sure I was correct? BLAH! Oh well, hopefully they loved me so much that they don’t care. I will know during the first week of June, anyway.

I ended the day by having tea in all my new work finery with Dave at Lamplighter in Carytown.

The next day


2 responses to “One Step Closer to the Prey…

  1. Good Luck Starving Archivist! I was looking for our as yet unpublic (is that a word?) LVA blog since I am away from the building and found yours instead. Still can’t find our dang blog… Where’d I put that thing?

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