Notes from Underground

Hello, archives fans! I’m sorry it’s been over a month since my last posting but there it is. As you may be aware, I’ve been working a temporary gig over at the Henrico County Library and having a fabulous time. I’d love to get on there permanently but you know the drill – the economy sucks, etc., etc. I DID have an interview for a position over at Appomattox Regional Library but that one was dead in the water, really. First of all, it was a telephone interview; quite weird considering it was local but whatever. This meant that in between answers you had those terrible pauses that could mean either people were taking notes or that they were exchanging rude drawings of what they think you looked like based on your voice. Either way, the interview was a serious bust. Crap kept coming out of my mouth that I didn’t even put there! This is remarkable as I made notes beforehand of what I was going to say but when it came down to it, a demon took over my body and just started saying crap. It was entirely strange to listen to myself speak and yet think in my head, “What am I saying? I don’t actually think that!” Oh well. Needless to say, I got a kiss-off letter within two weeks.

A nicer development is a year-long archivist appointment open at Virginia Commonwealth University. I have high hopes for this one as they want someone to contribute to a particular consortium that I spent two years contributing to at the Library of Virginia, hence my familiarity with their standards, etc. I think that at the very least I should get an interview, don’t you? Well, the closing date is September 6th and I’ll still be in the U.K at that time. I don’t have a new laptop yet so I’ll just be taking my phone with me so that I can check my messages and I’ll pop in at local libraries to check my email. With luck on my side, I should have an interview set up on my return.

But of course you all know that this isn’t all that’s on my plate. What about Zelda?! Yes, the William and Mary archives should be starting their fall hours soon which means I’ll be able to begin my research in earnest. I’m really looking forward to it as I’m really, REALLY needing something intellectually stimulating in my life right now. I’m also helping to resurrect Richmond NOW, Zelda’s old group, and hopefully there will be a few people there who remember her and can give me all kinds of nice biographical anecdotes.

Well, the old ball and chain and myself are getting ready to fly out on September 2nd. Can you believe that we haven’t been back to the U.K in FIVE YEARS? Insane. I’m very excited to get back and have packed two books that I’ll be reviewing upon my return. The first is The Temptress by Paul Spicer which is about Alice De Janze and Lord Erroll and the other is The Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Life by Charles Higham, which is a reprint. What both of these books have in common is the fact that they both make startling historical claims that I am keen to check out. As I may have stated at the start of this blog, one of my most important interests is in bringing logical thinking as regards evidence back into the field of history. I can’t wait to read both books and see the kind and quality of evidence presented.

I do apologize for such a short and clogged entry and one without photos too! It’s been insane around here lately as I take on more and more to stimulate my flagging intellectual spirits and while I also look for a job that will keep me in both books and yarn. Keep your eyes open for updates on the VCU archivist job and look for my reviews, which should be published here soon.



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